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Homemade tiramisu without mascarpone

Published on 05 / 11 / 2021

At Chocolat boréal we love Tiramisu but don't always have the ingredients at hand to make it, especially mascarpone cheese which is hard to find. 

So we replaced it with 10% plain yogurt and the result is just as delicious. 

Here is our classic Tiramisu recipe and our chef tips for optimal result.

Ingredients: - Gives 12 glasses the size of a glass of water

500plain yogurt 10%
150 grsugar
500 ml35% cream
400 gladyfinger type cookies
2 tsp.vanilla or sweet clover extract
500 mlespresso coffee
2 ozlocal amaretto
To tasteour cocoa powder


- Whisk 35% cream with sugar and vanilla (or Melilot flower extract for a boreal version). Refrigerate.

- Whisk 5 egg yolk and one whole egg (you can make a chocolate mousse with the egg whites and our melting chocolate drops

- Crumble 12 cookies (in a Ziploc bag with a rolling pin) 

- Integrate crumbled cookies with yogurt and egg yolk

- Whisk chilled cream and yogurt together until light.


For a neat presentation use individual glasses.

- Pour the coffee on the shot of alcohol

- Dip the remaining cookies in the hot liquid and place the soaked side facing upwards (do not hesitate to cut cookies to fit the shape of your container) 

- Cover with cream with a piping bag

- Repeat once so that you have two layers of cookies and two layers of cream

- Sprinkle generously with quality cocoa powder through a sieve

- Refrigerate for at least an hour

Amaze your guests and enjoy!