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9 fine chocolates assortment box - Valentine's Day

Sku: SVB020

9 fine chocolates assortment box - Valentine's Day

Sku: SVB020
$CAD 14.45
Product not available for online purchase

Type of chocolate: Mix of MILK and DARK with passion fruit / morello cherry caramel filled hearts and praline hearts

Sleeve of your choice (+2 $): Happy Valentine's Day or I love you

Love is like a box of chocolate, you can savor it one bite at a time. And it's even better when we can share that same box of chocolate with those loved ones who surround us with their kindness.

The Chocolat boréal fine chocolate collection includes 18 different varieties that you can savour at room temperature within 4 weeks:


*Mint - Milky ganache with fresh mint


*Sea Buckthorn - Liquid caramel with sea buckthorn

Dune Pepper - Milky ganache with green alder and pink pepper

*Hazelnut - Milky ganache with hazelnut

Raspberry - Black ganache with raspberry puree

*Caramel - Milk chocolate caramel


*Blackcurrant - Liquid caramel with blackcurrant puree and crème de cassis

*Fleur de sel caramel - Fleur de sel caramel

*Maple - Liquid caramel with maple syrup

Labrador Tea - Black ganache with green tea & labrador tea

Passion - Black ganache with passion fruit puree

Balsam Fir - Black ganache with orange and balsam fir

Truffle - Classic black ganache

Lime - Black ganache with lime zest and lime juice

Mélilot - Black ganache with sweet clover (floral and vanilla aroma)

*Coconut - Coconut milk caramel

Coffee - Black Ganache with coffee

Honey & Ginger - Black ganache with honey and candied ginger

Ingredients cocoa mass, sugar, powdered milk, hazelnuts, almonds, 35% cream, butter, cocoa butter, honey, Labrador tea, coffee, cocoa nibs, spices (green alder, ginger), juice and puree (sea-buckthorn, passion fruit, raspberry, lime), mint, sorbitol, inverted sugar, maple syrup, coconut, blackcurrant liqueur, extract (balsam fir, orange, sweet clover, pink pepper, lime), soy lecithin, vanilla, salt, food coloring

Contains nuts, milk, soy

May contain peanuts, wheat, sesame