Boreal box (9 fine chocolates)

Boreal box (9 fine chocolates)

$CAD 14.45

Box of fine chocolates including the following 9 boreal flavors:


Mint - Milky ganache with fresh mint


Sea Buckthorn - Liquid caramel with sea buckthorn

Dune Pepper - Milky ganache with green alder & pink pepper


Blackcurrant - Liquid caramel with blackcurrant puree & crème de cassis

Maple - Liquid caramel with maple syrup

Labrador Tea - Dark ganache infused with labrador tea

Balsam Fir - Dark ganache with orange and balsam fir

Mélilot - Dark ganache with sweet clover (floral and vanilla aroma)

Honey & Ginger - Dark ganache with honey & candied ginger

Contains or may contain Peanuts, Wheat, Milk, Nuts, Sesame, Soy.

Storage 4 weeks at room temperature

This box of fine chocolates contains the best that the northern climate has to offer. Refined flavors from our terroir and transformed with great know-how.