Box of 9 customized chocolates

Box of 9 customized chocolates

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Box of 9 customized chocolates

Edouard here on the surface of these nine customized chocolates.

To replace Edouard with your logo, follow these simple steps:

1. Select the flavor that matches your conservation needs (4 weeks VS *3 months)

2. Add the necessary quantity to your cart in series of 12 units by choosing the mandatory die fee for the first dozen (this will be valid for the lifetime of the logo)

3. Comment on any relevant information such as the required date of your event

4. Complete your order and choose pick up at the workshop (4995 A Angers, Montreal) or delivery at home or office.

5. Send us your color logo in .pdf at [email protected] for an agent to have your approval for the customization of the chocolate as well as the sleeve

6. Keep your chocolates in a dry cool room away from sunlight and strong smells.

7. Impress your guests, employees or customers with this chocolate at your image.

For any question, contact us at 514-766-2208 from monday to friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm or at [email protected]

Processing time: 10 working days (always better to contact us as soon as possible possible when planning an event) 

Packaging: KRAFT Chocolat boréal box closed with a customized sleeve

Minimum: 12 units

Weight: around 90 gr 

Chocolate type: Assortment made out of these 3 flavors of short (4 weeks) or*long (3 months) preservation.


*Hazelnut - Praline from hazelnut paste


*French sea salt caramel - Fleur de sel caramel

Truffle - Classic black ganache

Ingredients cocoa mass, sugar, powdered milk, hazelnuts, almonds, 35% cream, butter, cocoa butter, honey, Labrador tea, coffee, cocoa nibs, spices (green alder, ginger), juice and puree (sea-buckthorn, passion fruit, raspberry, lime), mint, sorbitol, inverted sugar, maple syrup, coconut, blackcurrant liqueur, extract (balsam fir, orange, sweet clover, pink pepper, lime), soy lecithin, vanilla, salt, food coloring

Contains nuts, milk, soy

May contain peanuts, wheat, sesame

Offering a personalized chocolate is offering a gift that represents you: nice, good and authentic. Being true to your values, you will remain engraved in the memory of your partners.

Made in Canada

From sustainable chocolate