Customized box of 4 chocolates

Sku: CORP013

Customized box of 4 chocolates

Sku: CORP013
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Customized box of 4 chocolates

Edouard here on the label closing this box containing four fine chocolates of your choice.

To replace Edouard with your logo, follow these simple steps:

1. Select four flavors that matches your conservation needs (4 weeks VS *3 months)

2. Add the necessary quantity to your cart in series of 25 units (ex. 3 x 25 = 75 units) 

3. Comment on any relevant information such as the required date of your event

4. Complete your order and choose pick up at the workshop (4995 A Angers, Montreal) or delivery at home or office.

5. Send us your color logo in .pdf at [email protected] for an agent to have your approval.

6. Keep your chocolates in a dry cool room away from sunlight and strong smells.

7. Impress your guests, employees or customers with this chocolate at your image.

For any question, contact us at 514-766-2208 from monday to friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm or at [email protected]

 Processing time: 5 working days (always better to contact us as soon as possible possible when planning an event) 

Packaging: KRAFT box closed with a custom label

Minimum: 25 units

Weight: around 40 gr 

Chocolate Type: 

Choose between 18 flavors of short (4 weeks) or*long (3 months) preservation.


*Mint - Milky ganache with fresh mint


*Sea Buckthorn - Liquid caramel with sea buckthorn

Dune Pepper - Milky ganache with green alder and pink pepper

*Hazelnut - Praline from hazelnut paste

Raspberry - Black ganache with raspberry puree

*Caramel - Milk chocolate caramel


*Blackcurrant - Liquid caramel with blackcurrant puree and crème de cassis

*Fleur de sel caramel - Fleur de sel caramel

*Maple - Liquid caramel with maple syrup

Labrador Tea - Black ganache with green tea and Labrador tea

Passion - Black ganache with passion fruit puree

Balsam Fir - Black ganache with orange and balsam fir

Truffle - Classic black ganache

Lime - Black ganache with lime zest and lime juice

Mélilot - Black ganache with sweet clover (floral and vanilla aroma)

*Coconut - Coconut milk caramel

Coffee - Black Ganache with coffee

Honey & Ginger - Black ganache with honey and candied ginger

Offering a personalized chocolate is offering a gift that represents you: nice, good and authentic. Being true to your values, you will remain engraved in the memory of your partners.

Made in Canada

From sustainable chocolate